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As part of the UEAC, research helps us to understand more about where we are and where we should aspire to make changes and advancements in education. 

Considering what other countries are offering and how it could impact the outcome for students allows us to study the results against similar environments.  This information can help to support decisions moving forward.

In 2022 we are conducting research to review the results of Covid on inclusive education.  "A Creative and Comparative Examination of the American and Canadian Education System in the Midst of COVID"  this sampling of data used to compare and contrast the successes and challenges for each country during a pandemic offers us the opportunity to consider areas of success and areas of need. 

Our Research

OUR Research

March 2022 Current Research Study

A Creative and Comparative Examination of the American and Canadian Education Systems in the Midst of Covid.

This study evaluates the impact of Covid on education for students in America and Canada. This study will be specifically related to education and inclusion during covid.  This study reviews the way each country offered education during the initial stages of covid.  Using four forms of data to evaluate the impacts of covid on the Canadian and American Education systems. These four forms will be: 1) Review the policies and procedures in place during covid for education 2)Collect data from teachers, specific to inclusion during covid 3)Conduct virtual round tables, and 4) collect interviews and data from Special Education Resource Teachers in both countries via surveys and interviews.

The results of this study will be available in March/April 2022

Be A Part Of The Research

Interested in being a part of the research, we are always looking for people to complete the questionnaires, join our round table discussions. To volunteer to be a part of the research follow the links below.  You have the option of conducting everything anonymously if you prefer.  

We are also currently looking for teachers with classrooms in primary grades and grade 7 to volunteer to teach a lesson format and review the outcome and give provide student feedback. 

for Students, Parents, and Professionals

If you are a parent, a student, or a community partner of the learning environment we would like to hear from you.  At UEAC we believe it takes a village to help a student be successful.  Your voice matters and this is a place to have your voice and your concerns heard.  

Ways to get involved.

Teachers and Adminstration

Are you a teacher or administrator who would like to get involved, we are always looking for your input, opinions, experiences, and assistance. We are working to create a positive environment that works to turn challenges into solutions through collaboration and research.  Working together for innovation in inclusive education. 

Ways to get involved:

1) Join a virtual round table

2) Complete a questionnaire

3) Ask your class to complete the questionnaire

4) Volunteer your class for a learning opportunity 

5) Volunteer for an interview

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