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United, Education, Advocacy, Council

What We Do

More to follow, we are currently working to establish tools and lesson plans created to help in the classroom with the needs of students and teachers for inclusion. 

We conduct research to reflect, review and understand our progress and to help us build resources and better understand the needs of education. This research is aimed to provide supporting documentation and review the ongoing status of education.  By asking the questions we can review the way things are and consider what improvements we could make. 

As a village we can advocate for each other, making sure voices are heard and our students needs are meet. Offering every student the opportunity to have a successful educational opportunity. 

The council is a collaboration of professionals, parents, administrators, teachers, and students, providing a neutral space to conduct research, and share experiences, ideas, resources, and educational tools associated with providing inclusive and impactful education. Round Tables are meetings that give our council and the general community the ability to share and collaborate on bettering education.

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